<p>OK SO. My father never cared about my grades or anything at all in the past four years. However, last year when I took the SAT's, he decided to care. I got took the SAT and ACT once in my sophomore year to see which I liked better. I decided on SAT. I took it once my junior year and got a 2020. The second time I got a 2000 because I got sick in the middle. The third time I got a 2080 and I wanted to stop there. However, my dad would not let me. He said to take it again saying I could do better. The fourth time I got a 2200, bringing my super-score to a 2240. Will takes the SAT 5 times and the ACT once hurt my admissions? Now I am starting to freak out (I know... no reason to because there's nothing I can do now), but being a typical CCer, I cannot stop myself. In addition, I already submitted my app last month and cannot explain this to them. Should I just let destiny take its course? Or should I write a letter to the admissions office telling them my situation?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>well, it depends on a college's admissions policy and if they require to send in every sitting. but even with that, the common app has slots to list every date slots to list your superscore, but i'm pretty sure there are only three slots. if you did apply on the common app you probably should have listed that in your addition information section, but taking the test 5 times probably won't matter that much since your prior scores were never low...</p>

<p>idk if this is late, but I wouldn't recommend taking the SATs again.
Five times is A LOT. Most schools like to see around only about twice
Even if you raise ur score, it won't look too hot on ur app.
But if you did already take it last saturday, its too late to cancel your scores, so I would recommend informing the admissions office somehow. Try finding ur regional representive and emailing him/her. and be sure to have a legit reason why u took it five times. not like "my father forced me to."</p>

<p>I agree with boomboomkrn. On Pomona's website, it specifically says their testing policy is designed specifically to discourage students from taking the SAT more than twice... I have a couple of SAT Subject Tests that I am not happy with, but still have to abide by their policy and send everything in. I only took my SATs and ACTs twice, and my second time taking the Subjects with be next month, but be sure to mention your situation in your Additional Information section, or Broader Context on the Pomona Supplement.</p>