Problems fitting in?

<p>I'm a half-black admit from an EXTREMELY diverse California high school. My group of friends literally looks like a poster for diversity. I've heard that Rochester is pretty self-segregated, and segregated by class also. I really really really don't want to be forced to hang out with a certain type of people because of attitudes at school. Honestly, how easy is it to make all types of friends?</p>

<p>My d has all sorts of friends, often based on activity. She's a dancer. There's the ballet group, the jazz group, the hip-hop group, the Indian dance, etc. Her sorority is not segregated. She hasn't noticed a problem.</p>

<p>I second what Chedva said. </p>

<p>My D's friends are UR are a very diverse group--and her interests are quite different from those of Chedva's D (more along the lines of community service and theater).</p>