Problems in Chemistry

<p>I recently found out that I received a C on my test. The teacher is one factor because doesn't give us the right information. I'm surprised she isn't fired yet. But this test grade made me lose all interest in Chemistry. I shouldn't be overreacting, because I have a 89% now which is still good. I just don't want to do any worse.</p>

<p>What are good study tips for chemistry? Anything will help.</p>

<p>Maybe ask your teacher directly what will be on the test?</p>

<p>What topic was it? We are doing molarity.</p>

<p>Have you asked any of the other kids in your class for help?</p>

<p>@elnamo She gives us a list on the things that'll be on the test.</p>

<p>@CSIHSIS Embarrassing to say, the test was on Sig Figs, Temperature, Accuracy & Precision, Density, and Scientific Notation.</p>

<p>@lldm21 I tried that and half the kids didn't know much either. It's the first test though and my teacher is putting the kids down who got a C or below, which is really frustrating and irritating.</p>