Problems with AOL Email Overseas?

<p>I have an AOL email address (I know, I know--my kids keep telling me to quit) and have a cable ISP. I have relatives from Croatia who have written me and included their email addresses; I've tried to send emails to them, but my emails are returned. I've been told that AOL email isn't the best way to email people overseas. I had no problems emailing to Spain, Russia, and India using my AOL address. Anyone have suggestions on a way to get my emails through to Croatia? Someone suggested getting a gmail account.</p>

<p>On occasion I've had had AOL problems, with an address in Thailand. Mostly in never receiving the email. Otherwise, email all over the world without problems. I tried to quit AOL, returned to it after getting frustrated elsewhere. G mail has been good thus far though, as a supplement.</p>

<p>We've had flaky experiences with AOL in some far-flung corners of the world..... Set up a G mail or hotmail account just for this purpose if you can't get AOL to work.</p>