Problems with Course Search

<p>Has anyone elsed noticed that when searching courses on Penn intouch only a fraction of the courses on the overall course list are there? Does this mean that they rest of the courses are filled or what. For example when looking for the US history survey course from 1600-1860 it is not there on the course search. Anyone know the explanation??</p>

<p>What is the specific course number you are looking for? Also what is the "overall course list" you are talking about? If it is the thing on the registrar's page, keep in mind that not every course is offered every semester or even every year. PSCI181, for example, is only offered in the spring.</p>

<p>the course I was talking about is hist 20 which is supposed to be offered every fall term....</p>

<p>doesnt show up for me either....weird</p>