Procedure for sending in second letter of rec.

<p>I really wanted to send a great letter of recommendation one my teachers wrote for me in addition to the one that Georgetown desires but I do not really know how to do this. I was planning to simply print out a second copy of the teacher evaluation form and send it in to them. I know many students give in more than one letter. If you have already done this would you be so kind as to divulge how you did it? Specifics would also be a great help!</p>

<p>Really, don’t over-think this recommendation thing. I was freaking out with it too when I applied EA. I sent four recommendations:
(1) APUS Teacher- Used Evaluation Form and rec letter
(2) AP English Teacher- Used Evaluation Form and rec letter (this wasn’t even waived by me because she doesn’t live around here now)
(3) Internship Mentor: Just a rec letter
(4) Counselor: Used a generic evaluation form that the school uses</p>

Don’t over-think the application they are pretty easy going.</p>

<p>Thank you and congratulations! When you sent your letters (if you it did electronically), did you have your teacher submit their evaluation from their e-mail address or did you scan it yourself and send it to the admissions office? And if you did it through mail did you have your teacher sign the outside of the letter? Sorry, I am just so anxious and I’ve contacted admissions without success.</p>

<p>I sent in two recs and the counselor form by giving everything to my counselor and she put all three letters in an envelope with transcripts as well.</p>

<p>I filled out the student part of the form and the envelope for my APUS teacher.
My AP English teacher finished everything on her own when I gave her my information.
I filled out the stuff for my counselor and she filled out her section and I filled out the envelope.
All of my documents were printed.</p>