Processing time to get rank from TAMU

My student has submitted all of the required information for the October 15th deadline for engineering. Now he is waiting on TAMU to assign a rank and it says his application is incomplete in AIS. I am concerned that his rank will not be assigned by the Engineering deadline. Would that mean that his application would be late for the deadline even though he has submitted all required information, including the SRAR?

If the student has all of his stuff in and it’s up to TAMU to complete the application, then it will be considered on time. If you were waiting on LOR or test scores, then for this scenario since both are optional, it would still be considered on time but may not be considered when reviewing application.

emailed the admissions office today about the same issue too. they said that the application will still be considered early as long as your srar is linked and checked. don’t stress too much.

Ok thanks!