Procrastinators Unite!

<p>who else has not sent in their app yeT?? </p>

<p>i promised myself id do it by 6:00pm today so i can play for halloween!!</p>

<p>haha. way to motivate yourself!</p>

<p>yay! first post as a junior member! ( is all about finding joy in the small things.)</p>

<p>The college guidance office likes to review all applications before they are sent. So I will give it to them on monday to look it over. I would not really considered it procrastination, because I have had my final essay for a weak, and I don't really feel pressed for time. Now, if you want to know what real procrastication is like, a friend of mine 2 years ago applied to Columbia regular decision. But, he knew that the servers were on the west cost, so he actually sent his application in online at around 2:30 EST, which was 11:30 PST, so he was in for the deadline... now that is procrastination (and BTW, he got into Columbia).</p>

<p>HAHAH nice..servers r in the west coast? not ny? ..dont gimme ne ideas.</p>

<p>damn i hope i get in..good luck to u all too</p>