Proctor Threw Up???

I took the ACT at my school on the weekend, and our proctor seemed a little… off to begin with. She started looking more and more feeble and didn’t seem to be paying attention. Then, when the math section ended - no time was called. Someone in the room waited a minute for her to get up and then said “Ma’am”, yet no response. The person cleared their throat and then resorted to banging on their desk to get the woman to wake up. Once she woke up, she stumbled to her feet and told us to put our books down and stop working, but then dashed out of the room and proceeded to vomit. She later ended up vomiting during the science section as well. Has this ever happened before, and could it warrant cancelling our scores?

Oh my gosh! Um, that sounds like a problem- Especially with the math section going over time. I would talk to someone in the administration of your school familiar with testing, ASAP. Maybe your counselor/registrar?

I think it’s best to say nothing. Clearly the proctor was ill. Really, if there was a tiny bit of extra time, that works in everyone’s favor. It could be a giant hassle if the test is invalidated. So unless you feel that its your duty to ensure scrupulous adherence to the rules, I think you just let it slide. The proctor had to sit there feeling terrible obviously. Why punish everyone for something beyond her control?

ITA. Don’t worry unless it is worth worrying about. You will know soon enough. And if there was 1 proctor, your group must have been small so chances are that no one wants the hassle of a resit. Just wait it out.