Professional Training Programs in NY after graduation

<p>Hello All! I'm currently attending a university which does not have the kind of intensive musical theater classes that I would like. I will be graduating in a couple years and gearing up to move to NY and I would like to find a school there that will provide me with serious musical theater training (as in, a conservatory atmosphere, although I'm not looking for a degree). I know that Circle in the Square is one program and Cap 21's new professional MT training is another. Can anyone tell me of other highly regarded programs in the city, or give me more info about CAP21's new program?
Thank you so much!</p>

<p>In my opinion, if you want a MT program (and not just taking classes in the city), those are your two best options. </p>

<p>You asked about CAP21's 2-Year Professional Training Program and in case you have not seen this, here is the link to the webpages about that specific program at CAP:</p>

<p>[url=<a href=""&gt;]CAP21[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>When you get there, notice at the bottom of the page, there are links to the following topics:</p>

<p>Program Outline
Course Descriptions
Application Process
Audition Information
Acceptance and Tuition
International Student I-20 information
Program Policies (attendance policy, evaluation and promotion)</p>

<p>Both CITS and CAP21 also have summer professional training programs if you desire a shorter or cheaper option.</p>

<p>ModJuliet -- Did you decide not to transfer this year? </p>

<p>AMDA also has a 2-year conservatory MT program.</p>

<p>KATMT, I did decide to transfer but unfortunately financial aid was pretty brutal and as I am paying my own way, I have no choice but to remain in state and go to a public university...sad but I've resigned myself to the fact that I can seek further training after getting a degree.
As far as someone knowing about Cap 21, yes I have seen the website...I was hoping for some firsthand accounts from someone who goes there.</p>

<p>My daughter took the CAP21 summer professional program last summer and loved it. It was intelligent, fulfilling, very thorough, really good teachers, great affection and teamwork, etc. She's kept in touch with some of the teachers and students over this last year. She was going to take either CITS or CAP21 again this summer but we decided on something totally different as a family so she didn't. </p>

<p>They both have very good reputations, I don't think you can go wrong with either. It might just come down to the same things as a four year college - comb through their websites, go visit, and figure out which works best and feels best for you.</p>