Professor Fired for Being Straight?

<p>This might be interesting to follow:</p>

<p>Professor</a> says he was fired, discriminated for being straight -</p>

<p>This professor claims that a clique of gay colleagues conspired to have him fired from Trocaire College in Buffalo, New York.</p>

A report from the New York State Division of Human Rights shows that a dean of education allegedly made comments about Marosan's nationality, accent, culture and manner of greeting colleagues.


<p>That doesn't sound to me like discrimination for being straight. It sounds like racism.</p>

<p>I guess if the university begins firing all its other straight professors we will know.</p>

<p>It's really so surprise considering how nearly every positions of power at Trocaire College and in Buffalo, New York are is by a gay or lesb...wait a minute.</p>

<p>That the gays are running Trocaire College are firing the straights is not something that sounds credible to me. </p>

<p>As for the rest of the article, I'll reserve judgement.</p>

<p>I don't understand how someone could get fired for lack of qualification after eight years of teaching, but I'm not a university employee, nor have I worked in the corporate world, so I really am not speaking from experience here.</p>

<p>I would be more concerned about the fact that students were bringing false accusations against him relating to sexual harassment.</p>

<p>I think it IS credible from what I've seen of higher education. Whomever does hiring/tenuring can fill the school with whomever they want, and very narrow minded people may judge on all kinds of superficial qualities. (I consider sexual orientation superficial because obviously it doesn't impact one's ability to teach, do the necessary administrative work or be collegial.)</p>

<p>I <em>do</em> think it's nice when all sorts of folks are on a faculty since we have all sorts of students. I love my department (a 100 person full-time English department) because we have so many different kinds of people and orientations, political, sexual, gender, regional on our faculty.)</p>

<p>Baelor -- at many institutions you either get tenured or fired at the end of a proscribed period. So that is not that unusual.</p>

<p>Mythmom, thanks, I suppose it is the tenure issue. I just have not had experience with an employer that would not evaluate performance so slowly (e.g. my HS...two years).</p>