professor irvine, intro macroeconomics

<p>hey there.
I´m an exchange student at msu for fall10 and I´m going to attend introduction to macroeconomics. I had a look at the course list and noticed that almost all courses are full except that two courses of prof. Irvine.
Why that? Is there a lot more course work to do in his courses or what´s the matter? thx for any answers.</p>

<p>all the best</p>

<p>Chances are that no one on this board even knows who that prof. is. Visit, login (or register), click on academics, and then click on prof ratings.</p>

<p>I heard Professor Irvine is horrible! I don't know anyone who has liked him as a professor. He is very intelligent but he doesn't know how to teach economics. Online quizzes are very hard and tests are composed of 5 pages of free response. I was going to take him for macroeconomics in fall 2010 but changed to Amsler. She sucks too but she's easy.</p>