Professor Letter of Rec

<p>I am using the transfer commonapp, and am in the process of getting a letter of recommendation from a professor. Do I have to print out the CommonApp letter of recommendation form and use that, or do I have to use something else? I only ask in the Northeastern forum, because the Northeastern website states it has to be on "official letterhead". Does that mean the CommonApp form is alright, or is there something else I need to get? Thanks!</p>

<p>If the commonapp requires them to write additional information (as in "answer these questions about the student and then summarize your views on them") then the writing has to be on the college letterhead. For the most part if you print everything out, have all the instructions with you, and bring your resume, the professor will know what to use without you having to specfically say "you need to use official letterhead".</p>

<p>Thanks for the post. I actually called the Northeastern admissions office directly, and they said just using the commonapp form is fine, as long as they clearly know who the applicant is.</p>