Professor or TA?

<p>this is a very subjective question but i'll ask it anyway. if you have the choice of going to a section led by a TA or one led by a professor, where the leader of the section will be grading your papers, which is better? who would most likely be the most lenient and fair grader, or easiest grader? when i say easy i am not saying that i don't want to put in effort, but i am mostly referring to a grader being nitpicky or grading too harshly. is a TA or a professor more likely to be like that? also, the section with the TA would have less people most likely, so that would maybe make for a more fun section with more discussion available for everyone, but then again, in principle it could be better to be able to interact more directly with the professor, but regardless, i really want the grader to be someone who grades without being overly nitpicky or harsh. so which might be better?</p>