Professor Question

<p>NOTE: Skip to bottom for the main question..... Over the past few weeks I've been looking over the schedule that I made for myself during my PittStart session. For the sake of convenience and class interest, I've changed my schedule a lot since I first chose my classes. I still check back from time to time to see if any classes that I originally wanted to take have opened up.</p>

<p>I recently saw an HPS 0430 class open up, which I could use as either a phil. or 3rd history credit. At the moment I have AP credit for West. Civ. 101 and I am enrolled in a Russian history class (non-western history credit) and history of mythology (3rd history class, which I could replace with HPS 0430). I think I could easily double major in Bio and HPS, obtain the conceptual foundations of medicine certificate, and minor in chem (thanks to pre-med reqs). I could always wait until next semester to start taking HPS classes because they all satisfy phil., history, or historical change reqs. (some of which I still need to satisfy).</p>

<p>I'll cut to the chase: the professor is Paolo Palmieri. Ignoring the low rating on ratemyprofs, does anyone have any good/bad experiences with this professor?</p>

<p>confounded92 - did you know that there was an opening in the class because you kept checking for it, or does Pitt have a system where you can ask for email notification if a class has an open seat?</p>

<p>I just checked back one day and there was an open seat.</p>