Professor Ratings

<p>Does anyone know a good website to find out information about professors before signing up for classes? Thanks!</p>

<p>class comments via learnlink (click college advising on LL desktop, class comments will be on the right once that is open). However, comments are biased towards difficulty and not quality, so take w/a grain of salt. If you have a few people whining about them being "too hard" and others raving about how they are challenging but really great at teaching, they are likely good. If you hear a lot of "fair-grader and little work" and then this is followed by lots of people saying they suck as a professor, then they probably do suck. If you only here about grading practices and workload, they are likely mediocre. If predominantly/consistently good reviews emphasizing lecture/teaching quality, then they are highly recommended whether easy or hard.</p>

<p>thank you so much.</p>

<p>It should be a green icon on the desktop (mines is a green icon w/a grad. cap and a diploma).</p>