Professor worries!

<p>The Math class I'm in (M408N) has a professor that I can't find any reviews for! All I know is that he got his education in France and that he really knows his stuff. I'm scared to death that he will be a research dedicated teacher that accidentally became a professor and metaphorically cause my death...and that potentially he has a french accent that may or may not be heavy. </p>

<p>Should I take the chance of dropping this class even though pretty much every other M408N course is wait listed? If I can't get back in to any other classes I may not have 12 hrs on me...:/ </p>

<p>Professor name: Mohammadi</p>

<p>To put it bluntly, stop worrying about professors. In my experience, professors are more often good than they are bad. And you really shouldn't expect that your learning and grade are based solely on the professor. You have an equal part!</p>

<p>In other words, don't drop the class, and don't worry about it!</p>

<p>Wow now I really feel like I over reacted. I simply like to know as much as I can about everything I'm about to do or be a part of so this foggy detail left me frazzled. I'll just stay in the class and hope for the best.</p>

<p>Or if you go to class the first stay and don't like the professor, you could always try to get into another class. Last semester I HATED my Spanish professor and by the next class day I was in a different section. It's not a big deal.</p>