Professors in the Summer?

<p>Are there any professors on campus during the summer or are almost all of them gone? We thought about visiting and hope to talk to some of the professors in the science department.</p>

<p>I'm not positive, but I would guess a lot (/most) of professors are still around campus. We still have summer classes going on for the next few weeks, and science professors use the summer to do research that they don't have time for when they're teaching. I'm not sure if you can/are supposed to arrange a meeting with professors through admissions or if you were planning on wandering around looking for professors or whatever, but the chair of the physics department is Chuck Adler (<a href=""></a>), Chemistry is Andrew Koch (<a href=""></a>) and Biology is Rachel Myerowitz (<a href=""></a>). I don't really know any of these professors since I'm not a science major, but I think they'd be willing to arrange something if you emailed them.</p>

<p>Thank you very much. This is super helpful.</p>

<p>No problem! Feel free to message me if you (/your daughter) have any other questions or anything .</p>