<p>any suggestions on professors?! i know the teachers wont make or break my grade, but im sure they will have an affect on it. advise on any specific professors?
my course load will probably look something like this:
Math (1502)
Chem (1310)
English (1102)
?? Either HPS(1040) or BIO(1510) leaning towards HPS or some other elective cause i don't really want to take calc 2, gen chem, and biology all my 1st semester.</p>

<p>I don't have class suggestions, but my advice is to take your hard classes later in the day. At least for undergrads, there's a decent correlation between grades and how late in the day you take hard classes.</p>

<p>For Calc II the easiest professor by far is Dr. Morley. He has a reputation for giving >50% A's. I took him and got an A; it's not that the material is easier, it's just that he grades a lot easier.</p>

<p>Try GT</a> Easy Reg. The author, a GT and Stanford alum, combined OSCAR, SGA Course Critique, and Google Maps together.</p>

<p>wow, they have average GPAs per section? Interesting. I notice that biology is above a B. Not the case here lol. Same for general chemistry and organic (even after curving here). Now physics there looks brutal. No 3.? sections at all.</p>

<p>bernie2012: You are looking at the professors' average GPAs, not the course GPAs. All those courses you mentioned have sub-3.0 averages at Tech. The professors teaching those classes this coming fall just happen to have higher GPAs. The average of ALL professors (course average) teaching those classes recently is listed below:</p>

<p>Biol 1510: 2.59
Chem 1310(General): 2.79
Chem 1311(Inorganic): 2.43
Chem 2311 (Organic): 2.85
Phys 2211: 2.34
Phys 2212: 2.45</p>

<p>well my goal is to try to keep at least a 3.4 in my tenure at tech...that 2.59 in bio and 2.79 in gen chem is</p>

<p>It's not that hard to keep a 3.4. Those were averages after all. Usually 50+% get A's and B's and the rest didn't work that hard...</p>

<p>I noticed that. I thought I was looking at the professor's averages (that's what I meant when I said section) when I saw all the 3s for Biology. Unless they omitted many of average GPAs for the various profs, I'm pretty sure that's what I saw. Yeah, but Bio 141/142 here is about 2.6. Chem. here is probably slightly lower or higher than 2.7 (normally the average is like a 75-79 per section, indicating it may be skewed slightly toward C+ as opposed to B-). Generally, orgo. is less than 2.7 (normally the averaged is capped at a flat B- in one class, and the others won't really curve that much). Now, physics, I still think that's some craziness y'all got going on there lol. I'm certain that physics may yield the highest average GPA for the intro. sciences here. But then again, it isn't real physics. The pre-med sections omit calculus. I'm in calc-based. It hasn't been a pleasant experience. I should have stuck to chem. and bio.</p>

<p>I would also use Rate</a> My Professors - Find and rate your professor, campus and more - in addition to the sites listed above.</p>

<p>I took this exact schedule: Math (1502), Chem (1310), HPS(1040) or BIO(1510).
HPS - it doesn't matter.
Biology they generally offer only one or two sections and it's taught by 3 professors so the individual aspect is not as important here. Biology lab is easy. The final project is annoying but 1510 is not overall a hard class.
Gen Chem I personally thought was retardedly easy. They basically make it so you can't fail, yet people some how do. Okay, so you have a lab which I thought was easy, but I'm a Chem E so maybe I'm biased. They have tests that are buffered by homework and attendance. Also for my year and I don't believe they've changed this, they offered extra credit homework before the final (so my hw average was above a 100) and they broke the final into sections corresponding to each of the tests and told the class that if you did better on that section on the final than your original test and they would replace the grade. Also an A is 85 and up. So here, I don't believe professors matter too much either.
For both of the labs you will have grad students teaching your section and it all depends on the person. Some are horrible. Some are cool. But everyone ends up whining about their grades so even if they are hard they typically don't stay that way.
1502: Avoid Bellissard. But the crappy thing about the math department is that they know people avoid Bellissard and go for Morley and that may people will delay taking a class because of the professor so they do not post professors to the classes when you register. It will always be TBA. But Morley generally teaches the 8 ams, but you might get stuck with a horrible teacher at a horrible time so I wouldn't take that risk. I would register based on time slot here.
For 1102: it depends on the professor heavily. You can either end up in Tragedies in the Early Modern Period or Shakespeare, or Comedy Writing or Chick-Flicks and Guy Films, or Zombies. Which the last 2 are majority movie based classes. They change these every semester and I never took english at Tech, but that's an idea of the range of stuff you can get.</p>

<p>So I'd say for this set, professors aren't massively important save for the english and the math department, but you don't have any choice there. Just focus on going to class and doing well your first semester. I got a 3.71 that semester. Calc 2 was my B. (:</p>



<p>Would you recommend that I just use AP credit for this class? I was kind of split 50/50 on whether or not I should use my Chem credit, but the way you described it makes me think I should just skip it. Also, could you (or anyone) be a bit more specific about the labs? Since it's just general chemistry, are they mostly the types of things I would've already done in high school? I'm just looking to get all the information I can to decide what I should do about this class.</p>



<p>How difficult would this class be for someone who hasn't even thought about Biology since [high school] freshman year? This was one class I was not looking forward to.</p>

<p>Also, GTChBE, what year are you in now?</p>