Proficiency Exam

<p>How difficult are the proficiency exams at UIUC? If anyone has taken the one for Math 241, how was the test? And how did that compare to Prof Hildebrand's past exams/final?</p>


<p>I'm a civil but never took a proficiency here so I can't help you. I have heard that they are certainly not easy, but that's neither here nor there.</p>

<p>I think you need at least a 70% if not 80% raw to pass proficiency the course, which could be a tall order.</p>

<p>NAFTA, from what you have heard, do most proficiency exam takers pass, or the opposite? Assuming they have decently prepared.</p>

<p>I only know one person who took tried to proficiency CS 101. She prepared herself well but barely failed. Let's just say I haven't heard of many people gloating about passing proficiency tests and how they're the way out of classes. I wish I had more concrete info, but that's all I got.</p>

<p>Here's what I would do in your shoes, and I'm sure you've thought of this. Prepare as best as you can. Find practice finals and midterms; do as many as possible. Buy the book and do exercises that match the exam problems.</p>

<p>Sign up for Calculus III and even if you fail the proficiency, you'll be in much better shape to take the class.</p>

<p>Good luck, calculus III got really messy towards the end. 3-D integrals were pretty cool though.</p>