PROFILE Business/Farm Supplement question.

<p>Hello. I thought PROFILE Business/Farm Supplement should be sent to colleges I am apply by the deadline of PROFILE. But I just talked to a college i am applying, and be told that Business/Farm Supplement should be sent to COLLEGEBOARD after 2005 tax return is filed. I am confused because on Business/Farm Supplement it exploitly states "DO NOT SEND THIS FORM TO COLLEGEBAORD". Am I missing anything? Please inform me.</p>

<p>i sent mine to the college.. lol</p>

<p>college people said they're returning all the business/farm forms they are getting from prospective students.. umm ??!!</p>

<p>I finished the PROFILE on line and when I clicked SUBMIT, a screen informed me I needed to complete the Business/Farm Supplement and mail to it to college I had chosen to receive the PROFILE. It listed the address of the college's fin. aid office.</p>

<p>yes TRUE, that's why i am so lost. MIT clearly told me DONT SEND "Business/Farm Supplement", because they will return them, and i need to send them by march 1st to COLLEGEBOARD with 2005 tax return. .. tell me a little more about this. i am lost</p>

<p>I can't really say because S's ED application was due November 1, as was the PROFILE.
You have a few more months to get more information and figure it out.</p>