Profile of average honors student?

What is the average student like in Creighton’s honors program? What are the average test scores and GPA? I know they are well-rounded in many ways, but what about the numbers?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This data might be hard to come by. My S and I attended the Honors Day Program, and they had 250 applicants for 48 spots. Very competitive.

Good luck!

@ColdinMinny Do you know when they will let students know if they got into the Honors program?

I think it is next week. Sorry, I don’t have the specific materials with me at the moment.

@CoMoMom… I called, and they said they sent out the decisions in the mail on Monday!!

My S was very, very blessed to receive an offer to the Honors program in today’s mail. The letter indicated they had their highest number of candidates, and that their waiting list is very long, so they are urging those accepted to make a decision soon.

We will not have all our S’s other decisions and financial info for a couple more weeks, but this puts Creighton very much in the running, since we felt it might be too large a school for him outside of the Honors Program.

Good luck to all the candidates!

My DD got an offer to the Honors program in the mail today!!!

received an offer to the honors program today in the mail, didn’t know it was so selective… moved creighton into the running for me!