Profile--one week?!

<p>I didn't realize that the CSS Profile takes one week for your college to receive it. What happens if it is late? Will I be immediately bumped to Regular Decision, or are they somewhat lenient? Or can you rush Profile?</p>

<p>I always fill out stuff online, then it is available whenever the school is ready to read it.
( I have had problems with privacy issues but not connected to online use- always check your credit profile every year)</p>

<p>EmeraldKitty --
We did both the Profile and FAFSA online and everything went smoothly. But I'm confused. Do we have to submit paper copies with our S's EA application? Or do they access both forms online themselves? </p>

<p>-- Momof2 in CA</p>

<p>Oh, never mind. I now recall that we paid to have Profile sent to his EA school and that we listed all his schools on the FAFSA, so I assume they take care of it. Sheesh, this stuff is so complicated the first time around that I forget what I've already done!</p>