Profile Required for Fin Aid

<p>I am starting this thread to get a discussion going on what kind of profile do you have to have for get fin aid at CMU:

<p>Can an existing freshman comment please.</p>


<p>Hi I'm not an existing freshman so you'll want somebody to add on.</p>

<p>You'll find a lot of information doing some research on CMU's webite: Admission</a> > Financial Aid</p>

<p>If you apply ED, then they do promise to meet all demonstrated need. That means that stats such as GPA, SATs, extracurriculars, teacher recs, essays, and honors/awards are important for getting admissions into the school. For financial aid, you need to provide information about your family's financial status such as CSS profile and FAFSA, where most of the information you enter comes from parent financial documents</p>

<p>For RD, they specify on their website that they do not meet all demonstrated need.</p>

<p>You can find an early financial estimate form on their website and submit it for'll get a letter mailed to you within a week (took me 5 days to get it)</p>

<p>Oh and about the early estimate. The admissions counselor that interviewed me told my mother and I that they will match it as close as possible for real financial aid, as long as the information given was accurate.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply folks</p>