<p>this is a question about the PROFILE financial aid form on collegeboard. im applying early and i have seen different due dates and i would like to confirm which due date is the one for ED. my guess is that its nov 1st, but that means my parents would have to estimate their 2004 income tax etc. the other deadline i saw is feb 15th, this kind of makes sense because that is when the FAFSA is due and the tax return will be correct, not estimated. if any of you guys know more info on this, can you please reply? i only have a week or so left to finish the app.</p>

<p>i too am confused but did u get the letter saying u should turn it in by nov 1? i think it's so when u get ur decision, u can also get a fin aid offer. maybe do it just in case and once tax returns come in, update or idk. all i know is i'm sendng mine in with an estimate. good luck!</p>

<p>When you apply early, you are only given a prelimenary financial aid offer. It's not until later, in 2005, that they give you a final package.</p>

<p>thanks dred, appreciate it</p>