Program predicts income based on SAT score, university attended, and GPA

<p>It's still in its beta version, and the part where it asks for all your personal info seems kinda scammy (you can just skip that part), but its an interesting idea. it is supposed to help determing student loans</p>

<p>Since the link was removed, could you post the name?</p>

<p>Wow it works great!</p>

<p>*** haha i dont what happened to the link.</p>

<p>Student</a> loans for education tuition via peer to peer lending platform ? People Capital</p>

<p>or u could just google "human capital score"</p>

<p>Cheers to reading comp</p>

<p>the link is probably going to be erased again. Mods delete stuff for a reason.</p>

<p>Not bad-- 7+ now, 9 8 years out, with a 9 being the highest bracket.</p>

<p>soooooo coool! I can use this to plan out my life!!!!</p>


<p>but still like wow!</p>