Programs with strong individual attention?

<p>I'm a Musical Theater Major at a University... Bad changes are going down on campus, and were really worried about what it might do to the music and theater programs. Myself and most others will be auditioning around this year.</p>

<p>I love my school because the department is so loving and welcoming, and it feels just like family--- I love that students are treated as individuals, and are constantly getting individual attention and performance opportunities--- I'm looking for a program similar to my schools... I'm looking for a school that is like this... </p>

<p>a school that...
-accepts transfers...
- gives good individual training...
- and doesn't require you to be a kick-butt dancer going in</p>

<p>Your help and advice would be absolutely amazing!</p>

<p>Thank you so much!</p>

<p>Peace and Love

<p>HI Maranda
It would be helpful to get more details. What year are you in your current program? Are you looking for a BA or a BFA program? What part of the country are you in and do you have any limitations as far as geographical area? Big or small school, etc... any info you can give us will help. While many programs will accept transfers in MT, many will require you to start over as a freshman. There is probably a better chance of transferring in to a BA program without having to repeat than a BFA program, but even there it may be difficult.</p>

<p>Hey there!</p>

<p>I am a sophomore BFA Musical Theater Major. I currently go to a small private college in GA ( I live in Ohio though), but I'm open for anything anywhere as long as they have a strong program with good individual attention. I can not afford to start over as a freshman, so I need a school that will let my credits transfer.</p>

<p>When my D decided to transfer, she actually moved back home and completed all of her GE requirements at our local CC. She then re-applied to a number of programs including BA and BFA's. While she was accepted to most of the programs to which she applied, the only one where she could have gone in as a junior without repeating anything was UCLA's BA MT program. Of the other programs that did accept her, she would have had to repeat at least a year. One problem is that many schools can not tell you at what level you will transfer until after you have accepted and they have completed a unit analysis. Penn State was one of the few who looked at her transcripts before she accepted and told her she could enter as a sophomore. I believe that most if not all of the BFA programs will require you to repeat at least a year.</p>

<p>I am guessing that since you're looking to transfer out of a particular small program in GA, you may meet with an unusually sympathetic response by those who run many theatre programs around the country. ;-D</p>

<p>So sorry about your circumstances if they are what I'm assuming, and best of luck in your transfer!</p>

<p>Ha ha MomCares--- something tells me you know where I'm at--- It's horrible... My favorite part about this school is that it's such a loving and welcoming environment, not that we have the new president, and they put in that personal lifestyle statement, the very prestigious music and theater depts are getting pushed aside and losing rights ( and support from other artists... our masterclass got boycotted after the composers found out about the new PLS... some of us had been preparing for the masterclass since the end spring 2011 semester. We're all very broken hearted about it.) Thank you so much.:-)</p>

<p>Takeitalian~~ where all did your D audition? I think UCLA is out of my price range, unfortunately, unless they are good about scholarships and aid. I'm okay with being a bit behind, as long as they don't make me go back to freshman year--- I've taken 19 credit hours every semester ( almost completely music, theater, and dance... minus my freshman seminar, health, and 2 english classes) at my school and would hate for those to be shot down completely... I hope your D is happy at UCLA--- i'm so sorry that the other places didn't work out for her</p>

<p>@coexist2014 - It feels very wrong to me that students and staff are being victimized by what strike me as very hateful policies, and I'm sorry that you are being impacted by them. We live in interesting times, but I hope and trust that you will land in an even more loving program than the one you have enjoyed so far! I also hope that all of us can learn even from unfortunate situations like this one.</p>

<p>CoExist -- everyone!!</p>

<p>Thank you so much, momcares, it really means a lot. :-)</p>

<p>Based on what I read via news reports. I would be happy to audition any students from the small school in GA whose administrators are obviously myopic bigots whose world view is skewed. I can guarantee nothing except that we will look at your audition with fresh eyes and work with you as best we can. Please PM me for more information.</p>

<p>I can also help in any other way you might need help. Just let me know.</p>

<p>I second kjgc's sentiments. PM me if I can be of any assistance or you would like an early read of your transcript for JMU.</p>

<p>coexist2014 - Just read up on the shameful, ignorant, and hateful policy being implemented at your school - and my heart goes out to you, your fellow students, and especially your faculty. I have a daughter getting ready to audition now for next year, and I can't imagine going through this process, and then to actually be thrilled with your program - and then have this happen. To your direct question - and this is only based on a campus visit - we don't know anybody personally in the program - but my daughter and I were very impressed with the tight-knit family feel and support given by the program at Ball State. It was just an overall feeling we had, and something the other students and the faculty member we met with really emphasized. At the risk of making more competition for my daughter :) - I think it's a school you and your classmates should look at!</p>

<p>Best, best of luck to you and your classmates.</p>

<p>No advice, but just chiming in with my regrets and also want to shout-ut to KatMT and kgjc who, as usual, are supportive and informative and posting with the students' best interests in mind, not their own personal ones as school directors. My D has a very good friend who recently started at JMU (not MT), and just from what I read here, I know she is in very good hands at that school. Bravo to you both! </p>

<p>coexist - the best of luck to you in making a change!!</p>

<p>May I ask what small GA school this thread refers to? Curiosity is killing me. PM me if that is best.</p>

<p>Never mind. I saw what school you are referring to in the MT lineup.... that is so ridiculous. I feel terrible for those students!</p>

<p>Hello! Im really sorry to hear about that situation, that sounds really rough, and it sucks that you have to uproot and go elsewhere. </p>

<p>im a freshman MT at Ball State in Indiana, its a great place where the arts are very respected and a very strong program, i get plenty of individual attention, but i am also learning the even more valuable skill of critiquing and teaching myself. A couple of my classmates are also transfers (though they generally start again as freshman) but they are very welcoming of it. just an idea</p>

<p>anyway, i hope this all works out for you. --Jake</p>

<p>I'm hoping that I won't have to leave, but want to be prepared in case I have to.</p>

<p>Thank you so much, Jake! I have heard a lot of great things about Ball State, and it's only about an hour and a half from my home in Ohio. :-) it's quite definitely an option!</p>

<p>Well if you ever have any questions about it, feel free to ask me send me a message, and ill tell you anything you want to know!</p>

<p>The University of Central Oklahoma! Intimate program. INCREDIBLE training. Personal attention. Our majors work! Broadway, Off-Broadway, Broadway National Tours, International Tours, disney, Cruise Ships! You name it!</p>

<p>Shenandoah Conservatory accepts transfers and is willing to take strong singer/actors who are still in need of intensive dance training. The conservatory is very willing to work with transcripts to transfer credits in and the students get a lot of individual attention. The program accepts 18-24 per year, students get private voice instruction each year, and there are usually around 9 productions per year, plus usually 20-40 student produced and written one acts, and another 10-20 directing class productions per year. In addition there are usually 2-4 dance productions that many of the MTs perform in and 2-3 operas that students can audition for if they are interested in that genre as well. To help save on travel costs, the school requires a video pre-screening, and only invites candidates they are interested in.</p>

<p>Good Luck in your search!</p>

<p>Sorry to hear about your situation. Not sure if it's right for you, but take a look at Chapman University. Excellent program. Good luck!</p>