Project Lead the Way vs. AP classes for USNA

My son is currently a freshman in high school, and his heart is set on the Naval Academy. Our high school offers PLTW in junior/senior year, and it would take the place of 6-8 high school classes, leaving less room for AP classes or dual enrollment classes. I realize he is young and may change his mind about the Naval Academy, however I also know that if he is serious about this, he needs to have a plan in place to be the best applicant he can be. What would look better to the admissions of the Naval Academy? More AP math/science classes, or being accepted and completing PLTW with an A? He needs to apply and sign up during his sophomore year of high school.
Thank you for any advice you have!

What he needs to clearly demonstrate is what and why he wants to be an officer in the U.S. Navy. Academically, he needs to demonstrate that he has successfully completed the strongest stem path his HS offers. If he shows strong grades in chemistry, calculus, and physics that are corroborated by his standardized test scores, the rest is gravy. Navy is primarily an engineering school. His transcript needs to indicate that he will be successful in a strong engineering program. He won’t get any extra points for PLTW.