Projected SAT score (based on previous)?

<p>I'm a freshman and I took a released CollegeBoard SAT and received a 1950.</p>

<p>These were my section scores, if I remember correctly.
Math: 730
Critical Reading: 560
Writing: 660</p>

<p>Math were just stupid mistakes, but they probably will happen on test day (I don't omit on math).
Critical reading was mainly vocabulary. I missed a few reading comprehension questions, but not too many.
Writing was just mistakes in everything, but I got the majority of questions right.</p>

<p>Considering the pressures of test day, what do you think I could reasonably achieve junior year with:
- No studying besides school
- Studying the summer before junior year (Direct Hits vocabulary, Silverturtle's grammar, and the Blue Book)</p>


<p>You should probably practice until you are sure that you can get 800 in Math cuz that seems to be where your strength comes from
For C.R i don't know what direct hits is but you should just do the reading sections in the blue book
for writing just familiarize yourself with all the forms of questions then acing the mc will be as easy as eating a marshmellow
one thing i don't get is that ppl say they are pressured and can't think straight on the real test day but in my personal experience i feel that i concentrate much harder and i stay way more focused knowing that it is the real test.</p>