Prom for males

<p>So I don't have a date for prom but I'm still going, don't know with who though. My friends are iffy about riding together, but if all else fails I'll drive there and make new friends, lol. I was wondering if a tux is mandatory for prom. Will it be sufficient to just wear a blazer and a button down shirt. What should one wear?</p>

<p>I just want to wear a suit. No freaking tuxedo!!!</p>

<p>It varies from school to school. Ask some seniors or guys who went to the prom last year what they wore, or if that would be too awkward, just ask something like "Do I have to wear a tux?"</p>

<p>Unfortunately none of my friends last yr went to prom. They all made the excuse that $80 is too much to spend on one dance.</p>

<p>Depends where it is, I think last years prom was at some hotel.</p>

<p>ours is at cityplace which is like a clubbing place/ good restaurants/ rich place/ lots of fun lol.</p>

<p>Our is at a yacht club, and most people just wear a suit.</p>

<p>female here.. but everyone rents a tux here...</p>

<p>okay sounds good, guess I'll either get a suit or rent a tux. I was wondering is there a package I can rent that would include everything from shoes to the button down shirt I wear. Not really a big fan of dressing up.</p>

<p>^^ yes, at the stores where you rent that stuff.. you rent the whole cha-band (sp?)... i think it was like 135 for my bf...</p>

<p>Go to a thrift shop and buy a black tux and shirt. It will probably be even cheaper than renting it, and it will look just as good. Buy a pair of shiny black shoes at Payless or somewhere for $15.00. They will be almost indistingushable from the more expensive ones.</p>