Prom help!!! Please....

<p>Sorry this is long and seems like my life story but I need advice lol! Thanks!</p>

<p>Okay, I'm freaking out a little bit over here. I have prom in a week at my school with a friend i have at a different school. I just went to her prom (which was my first prom ever) and had a blast. Also, I had my taste of how prom was supposed to run and i was completely thrown off. first of all, i never heard of nay of this preprom business. I thought that would just be taking pictures at our house or whatever but apparently that is when a large group of people gather at one location for HUGE group not talking about just a large limo group....but at least 3/4 limo groups at one location. I had no idea about any of this and have not planned for any of this! i feel so pathetic and misinformed. </p>

<p>In addition, our prom group is now down to just me and another couple ( i had to kick some couples out for certain alcohol related reasons!) her group had like 3/4 couples. Also, i feel like our table might be a bit awk becuz a few of the kids i kicked out are now sitting at our table for prom (i did not know that i would be kicking people out when we were signing up for tables for prom like a month ago) . Okay, so i think besides that, the actual prom should be okay.</p>

<p>So then theres after prom. when i went to her prom just a few days ago, we went to a comedy club with our group which was pretty nice and stuff. I figured since we did that already, we probably wouldn't want to do that. So i chose to cross that off of our group's ideas. The other couple in our group wants to go to a teen night club(alcohol-free). i'm not sure if my date is going to wants to do that since were just friends and she isn't like the biggest dancing person in the world and i feel like those clubs are for people that are dating or are looking to hook up or are really really into break dancing. We could also try to meet up with another group that doing the midnight cruise thing but im not sure how the other group would feel about that. Also, I don't know too much about it. We could go to like a diner or cafe alone but that might be weird or she might think that i dont have any friends or something since we were in a bigger group for prom at her prom and bigger groups are usually more fun. I'm also nervous she might not like all of my yeah i honestly feel like banging my head against the wall. </p>

<p>I thought that maybe she would not expect prom to run in the same fashion but she has already asked me what we are doing for both pre prom and after prom. I'm not saying that i think she expects a lot but i do have to put on a good production since she did go out of the way to take care of everything for her prom. So the pressure is on. Does anybody have any advice!? please...</p>

<p>Please don't make fun of me for being misinformed....also, I am not trying to act overly dramatic or anything...I just want things to run smoothly...that's all.

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<p>I only read this, because nobody else did. :stuck_out_tongue:
First of all, you need to CHILL. </p>

<p>Alright, so do whatever you think she will enjoy the most. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. We had prom from 8-midnight at a place, then after prom from 1-4am at school. We went to iHop for after after prom around 4:30am with our prom group. T’was great. You should do the cafe thing, but only if you’re completely comfortable with her when alone. If not, dance the night away at the teen club.</p>

<p>goodluck. :)</p>