<p>Are you guys going to Prom this year? I don't know if I am. The cost and the stress of finding a date is bothering me. I honestly don't know who I should go with.</p>

<p>Hells yeah I am. And, from your name I assume you're a girl. To be honest, a good date would take care of most of the expenses, except the dress I guess. After mine is all said and done the total for me should be around $350+ for tickets, my share of the limo (going in a large group is more expensive than just you and your date), a tux rental, and dinner for the two of us. For me this will be money well spent for a night that I won't forget for a long time.</p>

<p>blegh what a waste. i'm not an upperclassman, but if i was, i would just stay home with my friends lol :P</p>

<p>As a guy, my opinion of "a good date" is a girl who will pay for herself. I'll maybe get the flowers (and maybe her ticket), but she should at least pay for her share in the limo.</p>

<p>I have someone in mind, but I haven't gotten around to asking her yet, because we've been having crazy rehearsals for our play and it's about the Holocaust. It's kinda awkward to say "hey, wanna go to prom" while in a Nazi uniform.</p>

<p>In any case, the best part of prom is whatever you're doing afterward. Last year me and my friends went to Bickford's for waffles and frappes. Great times (and syrup shots--we're so dangerous!) were had by all.</p>

<p>Yea.. seriously it's not like us guys are banging out the bucks here in high school. You know what they say, "I ain't got no money (3 second pause). I ain't got no car to take you on a date (2 second pause). Can't even buy no flowers." You digg? Hah</p>

<p>oh but to answer the question yea.. life's a ***** sometime. want to tell us about it?</p>

<p>Yup, I definitely want to go. I went last year and had a blast. It's much more fun than any other school dance, and for good reason. But then again, ours seems to be less expensive than most - only about $40 for tickets? But getting a date shall be great fun. It's one of the curses of being an XY. </p>

<p>@Zamzam, the Nazi uniform would make you memorable at least =P</p>

<p>My prospective date is in 4 of my classes and we've known each other since at least sophomore year. I'm pretty sure she can remember who I am.</p>

<p>Our prom is pretty expensive... ~$60 if I recall correctly. One of the class officers told me, but I've forgotten already.</p>

<p>60 dollars is nothing. Feel lucky you don't pay $200+ for prom.</p>

I have someone in mind, but I haven't gotten around to asking her yet, because we've been having crazy rehearsals for our play and it's about the Holocaust. It's kinda awkward to say "hey, wanna go to prom" while in a Nazi uniform.


<p>LOL i can just see it now. "Werden Sie zu Chip mit mir gehen?!?! Heil!"</p>

<p>Maybe that's a little inappropriate...oh well i'm posting it anyway.</p>

<p>I guess I'm not gonna have a date for the prom. Instead, I'm just going with a group of friends <em>although I'm not sure if we're planning on getting there individually or together in a limo.</em></p>

<p>Huh. Isn't Prom in three months for most people? Why worry now? (Maybe I'm not, 'cause I'm a guy >.>)</p>

<p>Sighs. My parents are forcing me to go but I have no intentions of going. I wanted to go to the beach that day. I think I may just ditch and go to the beach. Unfortunately I attend a small private school which invited my family to prom dinner. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO ATTEND. It would make me miserable if I was forced to go :( Besides, I already went to prom last year...and it sucked. This year it's at an even worse location...(the ghetto) The only person I would go with is far far away in college.</p>

<p>Any ideas of how to avoid prom? I'm thinking of just straight up telling the parents that I would not be happy going...And they are also forcing me to take a date, which I most definately would not want to do because of honestly, lack of interest in having a date and celebrating prom.</p>


<p>How the hell do your parents force you to go to prom??? Your parents are weird...</p>

<p>$90. not alot . most people don't go with a date</p>

<p>at our school, it's lame if you don't go with a date. I don't how much our prom costs, but there's all the other stuff we have to pay for like the dress, accessories, shoes, limo, dinner, oh and all the other expenses if we go somewhere after prom like hotel fees and stuff.</p>

<p>if you want to go then ask someone. a friend, someone from another school, someone older than you...</p>

<p>Leticia your parents sound like mine. lol, do they tell you that you study too much? :D</p>

<p>^my parents do -________- its mean!</p>

<p>oh and they're forcing me to go to prom, too, altho i kinda want to in the first place? haha dress shopping woot. the dresses that ppl wear here aren't THAT expensive...maybe like $100?</p>

<p>I'm having similar issues. I ultimately decided to go because my friends pressured me into it ("It's the last time we'll all be together with our grade before graduation! You cant's miss your senior prom...!" blah blah). Last year though, I went and I had an awful time. I had a date who I liked as a friend, but he liked me as more than a friend so the whole night was him trying to make moves on me and me trying to avoid awkward. </p>

<p>The whole concept of prom kind of sickens me. You see all these kids dressing up like bourgeoisie adults, spending hundreds of dollars one one night. I heard this one girl in my class talking about how she spent $400 on a dress, $100 on hair, $50 on makeup, $120 on shoes...not to mention all the tanning she did (ick) and the limo and ticket. It's ridiculous. Consumerism and materialism at it's worst. And then you see people with NOTHING who are starving, contrasted to the way we live. It really sickens me.</p>

<p>Wow...why am I going to prom again? Haha maybe I need to rethink my decision.</p>