Proof of Funds for (student) UK travel

<p>OK - I must be naive...I've never heard of such a thing?! D leaves for London for a 3-week course on Saturday. Yesterday, she's informed that she must have "proof of funds" in order for her travel visa to be processed. Evidently she must have documentation that she has $1000 in her bank account (which she doesnt) or in a parent's bank account (which we do), and carry the bank statement, attached to her passport.</p>

<p>Like I said. I must be naive. Has anyone had experience with this? Should I be concerned with her carrying around my bank statement (complete with account numbers and addresses) all over the UK? Never mind the fact that I'm just finding out about this TODAY, and have to either overnight her the statement (since it must be the original statement received in the mail) or drive it to her (5 hours away).</p>

<p>AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH. What's up with THIS?</p>

<p>Yes, we had that when our son spent a semester in London. But I think it was more than $1K. I think this is proof that your daughter has the funds to deal with a problem and get back home.</p>

<p>I don't think that's uncommon for study and/or work abroad. DD studied abroad a couple of years ago and needed to prove funds. Her best friend has been teaching English in Spain since September and also had to show proof of funds.</p>

<p>I guess I'm just surprised since it's only a 3 week trip. I did a next day wire transfer to her local bank account, she'll have to go down to the branch and get the statement later in the week. I don't really want her carrying around MY bank statement.</p>

<p>Kinda dumb, since she really won't have access to THAT account while overseas. I was just planning on monitoring/funding as necessary an AAA travelcard for her.</p>

<p>I know that proof of funds for tuition and living expenses is required for a student visa to be issued, but less than 6 months means no visa required so I am not sure what they ask for then. There is a forum:</p>

<p>uk resident dot com</p>

<p>It offers a lot of immigration and visa help, though you really have to pay to join to get access to the full forums</p>

<p>I can't imagine why she would need a visa anyway for a 3-week trip.</p>

<p>my D went to India for 4months ( w visa- but didn't need proof of funds) then to the UK for 3 weeks ( as far as I know she didn't have a visa- or proof of funds)
That was in 2009, maybe it is a new thing?</p>

<p>I went abroad for 4 months and had to do this. I had to have a letter from the school I was going to, a letter from my home school stating that they were providing some funding, and also my bank statement. No visa required for less than 6 months, but every time I left the UK and came back I had to have all this documentation every time.</p>

<p>D is in Italy--for visa, if I recall correctly, we had to sign a paper promising support. We didn't have to provide a bank statement or actual proof of funds.</p>

<p>She's told me that the trip seems a little on the disorganized side. So I can fully believe that its not necessary....but, regardless of whether or not they need visas/proof of funds, that's what the school is doing, so I suppose I just have to suck it up and comply.</p>

<p>She leaves May 14 and comes home on June 8.</p>

<p>Our son did an 8 week internship in the UK. He didn't need a visa but he did need a Certificate of Sponsorship # issued by the company he was working with and he had to show he had access to 800 pounds per month. It had to be in his name and the money had to be there for 4 months before he left for his trip. He followed the requirements to the letter but never ended up having to show proof of his funds.</p>

<p>daughter just came back from semester in London; according to her program (which has been in existence since the dinosaurs roamed the earth):</p>

<p>1) you only need a VISA if you are working or are doing an internship in London</p>

<p>2) you do need the proof of funds (and as another poster mentioned I think it was definitely more than $1000, but that amount may be related to the three week thing)......</p>

<p>3) the proof of funds has to do with the UK not wanting indigents arriving in UK and clogging up the social service systems (yes, it's weird but that's what we were told)</p>

<p>4) FYI, the VISA process is absolutely insane to obtain...we were given four months and it wasn't enough time....and you have to send your passport away (so if you are travelling in the meantime, you won't have a passport) daughter bagged a planned internship due to the complications</p>

<p>This was in an email that she received on Tuesday.....</p>

To Enter the U.K. The students will need a:
Letter of Acceptance/Approval (Also referred to as a CAS Letter) Proof of Funds Statement Below are the requirements for the Bank Statement/ Proof of Funds:
In regards to the bank statement I have attached the text below that deals with the bank statement requirements for the U.K. tourist visa. However, the shorter version is:
1. The Account must have $1000
2. The Statement must be recent
3. The statement must be an original bank statement from your bank that has been signed by a bank official or a statement that has been sent through the mail. No type of electronic print out or copy of your statement will qualify.
4. If you are using your parents account your parents must write a letter stating you have access to the funds in the account.
* In the past it has not been required that any of the materials for the U.K. visa be notarized.
In addition, at this time you will need to contact your bank and obtain an original bank statement in your name OR the name of your parent/legal guardian indicating that you have at least $1,000 USD in your bank account or the bank account of your parent/legal guardian.
<strong>If the bank statement is in the name of a parent/legal guardian, your parent/legal guardian must also write and sign a note to attach to the bank statement indicating you will have use and access to these
funds.</strong> The bank statement must be dated no longer than 3 calendar months before you arrive in the UK. Your original bank statement will also need to be placed on the inside cover of your passport and carried with you on every exit and entry to and from the UK (including all group excursions and independent travel.) If asked by the Immigration Officer you must be able to present original documentation.


<p>Like I said, what am I gonna say to the school? "No"? I feel bad, D is stressed over the apparent lack of organization (she stresses about travel anyway) - and between that and finals...she's gonna blow....</p>

<p>On the visa system, they have been changing the rules the last year or two, adjusting them each month, I met a woman whose DD in fall 2009 provided her visa app with a bank statement per the rules of the month in which she applied (July) and when the processed it (Aug/Sep) the rules were different and they denied her visa! It was some detail about funds in her name vs parents name and how long the funds had been there. Whatever the detail was, it was minor and common sense could have prevailed, but did not.</p>

<p>If you are pursuing a VISA, be very very precise and in 2009 people were smart to pay the services where they take your paperwork to a guaranteed front of the line spot. I don't know how it is going now, but back then, there were literally adjustments each month in the details as to how the application should be filed.</p>

<p>Hmm, my daughter did her semester abroad in London (13 weeks) this past fall (Sept-Dec. of 2010), and she was NOT required to get a visa. </p>

<p>She did have to have proof of funds. I don't remember the amount, but she is a prolific saver and had well over the required amount in her own savings account, so I wasn't involved in that at all.</p>

<p>I can understand why they would want proof of funds to get her back home, but I really don't get why they are requiring a visa for a 3 week trip.</p>

<p>Nrdsb4, sure, I can understand it too....but she already HAS a flight booked home - bought and paid for! Seems to me it would be more valuable for her to carry her return trip itinerary... :rolleyes:</p>

<p>To tell you the truth, I don't know if they are GETTING visa's for the kids...I/she certainly did not get it...of if they are copying the requirements from another, longer, school sponsored study abroad program. Like I said before - a bit disorganized. I hope it is better once they get there.</p>

<p>I know you have already taken care of this, but I'm wondering if it would have been easier to transfer $1000 into HER bank account for the three weeks she'll be abroad. Then she would be carrying around information about her bank account and not yours.</p>

<p>Yeah, skyhook, that's exactly what we ended up doing. Once the shock wore off and I started thinking clearly, that made the most sense. She'll just have to make a trip down to the local branch to get a current official statement to bring along.</p>

<p>To be honest I wouldn't stress over this at all. If she's travelling on a US passport she'll be able to enter the country without a visa. That form letter is used for</p>

<p>a) Participants who need a visa to enter the UK
b) People staying longer than the permitted time frame under the visa waiver plan</p>

<p>Just have her print off a copy of her bank statement on line and put it in her carry on luggage. She won't be asked for it I'm sure but the copy will suffice. </p>

<p>Tell her not to stress and to have a great time</p>