Proof of Mailing

<p>My counselor recommended that I get a proof of mailing for my app. What exactly is this? Its not a nuissance for the admissions office is it? (They don't have to sign anything, right) Thanks for your time.</p>

<p>Your proof is the webpage where you can track your application. If it says "recieved" next to any of the required documents, then that's your proof that they got it. I guess that's what she's talking about. The other thing "proof of mailing" could mean is to prove to the admissions committee that you mailed it. They could just look at the canceled stamps on the envelope in which you send it in. goofy.</p>

<p>HAHA Chumboy87, no offense but both of your guesses are wrong. </p>

<p>Proof Of Mailing (I'm doing it too) is when you go to the post office and personally get a receipt stating that you indeed mailed a certain document to a certain place. That way, if Columbia ever says that they didn't receive your recommendations or something, you can just pull out the receipt and place the blame on them =).</p>

<p>ok gotcha. glad they got all my stuff already.</p>