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<p>Personal information leaked onto the highly popular form of communication, the internet, can ruin your future aspirations. In today’s population, the number of human-beings using social networking sites continues to rise exponentially. As more and more people are introduced to social networking, the amount of personal information steadily floods the web. Many may become blind in a sense while putting up personal information, or what they did the past weekend. The absence of critical thinking before updating ones status may lead an individual down a slippery slope. The following reasons are to why a social networker should think twice before sharing personal information: if privacy settings are not enabled, a personal employer may be able to see ones profile, in addition, a person may face legal issues if they post something inappropriate, and finally, an academic institution may be able to spy on one’s profile.
Many fellow networkers simply ignore the fact that social networking sites provide privacy options. These options are there for a reason. Internet users should take full advantage of these options and save themselves from trouble. If the website provider created these settings, it would seem smart for one to use them. But many people don’t acknowledge them and are vulnerable to spies who can potentially keep track of them. The fact that a social networkers’ future employer may be able to spy on them is greatly disturbing. For that very reason, an individual should highly reconsider what they post. In today’s society, it is likely that a recruiter for a certain job will search each of their applicants and see how they are outside of work. If one gets carried away and posts about how they didn’t like the person who interviewed them, or how they don’t care about their job, it may not turn out so well for them. In the end, one’s carelessness or ignorance to privacy settings can cost them their future job.
Carelessness towards what to and what not to post can land one in legal trouble. Posting about what they did the past weekend is acceptable and appropriate. It is not appropriate if they post how they egged a rival’s house. Not only will that introduce them to legal issues, it will deface their personality and make them seem sophomoric. That one post can be used as a piece of evidence if the person finds out. One must remember that once they post a comment, thousands of networkers may be able to see that information. Another great way for one to find themselves in trouble is to cyber bully. Getting carried away and threatening someone over the internet is really serious and is unlawful. Just because someone might have had a bad day, they must take into consideration that posting threats directed towards someone can spread swiftly and can be seen by legal authorities. One bad mistake can lead one into legitimate trouble. By reassessing what a person might post can greatly reduce their chances of legal prosecution by a whole lot.
It is factual that academic institutions are becoming sneaky and spying on future students. The last thing a respected institution wants is a student who is a complete trouble maker. Let say after a harsh day at school, one decides to post about an “annoying” professor who disciplined them. It can most likely be seen by the institution and can lead to the expulsion of the student. Nowadays, students must be wise about what they post; a small mistake can be really costly to them. There are plethora amounts of scenarios that can occur and possibly affect ones future. The best way to avoid this type of problem would be to filter the things one may post online. With the curiosity packed in our modern society, one must take proper considerations to evade possibly repercussions.
It’s everywhere, the cyber world is slowly domination our world. Everything is and can be done online. With all that information floating around the web, it can be accessed by anybody at any time. Making an intelligent choice when deciding what to post next can greatly minimize one’s chances of getting in trouble. There can be many consequences that can be implemented from one’s carelessness and inability to consider privacy options. From losing a potential job to getting in legal trouble, that should be enough for one to get the initiative to be careful about what they post. Social networking does indeed bring the world together and allows human-beings to get to know each other but misusing it and being careless can really affect ones future.</p>