Proofread my college essay?

Would anyone be willing to privately proofread my college essay, I am unsure if the topic is one that works for an admissions essay and I just need some reassurance that the whole thing even makes sense.

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Yes I can!

I recommend you ask a trusted English teacher to read your essay.

If you do send it to someone on CC be sure it is an adult with a long posting history.

And make sure you do NOT post it anywhere, or you may find yourself accused of having plagiarized your own essay!


I will offer a brief critique if you PM your essay to me.

OP: Since you have fewer than 15 posts, you will have to send it via return PM so I will PM you.

Are you still needing help? I would love to look over it and provide detailed feedback.

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Agree with you, the same situation has happened with my friend once(