Proofread Topic 6 Essay Request

<p>I know it's late in the game, but could someone read over my topic 6 essay ("topic of choice") and give me corrections or advice? Leave a message and I'll pm you a copy.</p>

<p>Also, after much strife (as so many others have chosen to submit an essay well over the cap), I chose to adhere to the 500 maximum that was reinstated. Is this a wise choice? I read an article from the Washington Post about how after 31 years, Common App waived its restriction on the amount of words an essay could be. And for the last 4 years, students have submitted absurdly long essays so they reinstated the word limit to 500 words recently due to admission office complaints.</p>

<p>As long as your essay sounds good, it does not have to be over 500 words. My essay was about 430 words.</p>

<p>I'll read your essay too.</p>