Proofreading Services?

<p>So I never really knew that there were Proofreading sites until five minutes ago. Are they safe and should I go ahead and send one of them my college essays to proofread them over xmass break?</p>

<p>If yes, which would you recommend? </p>

<p>Ivy</a> League Proofreaders</p>

<p></a> - The Online Editing Service Marketplace</p>

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<p>And is there a cheaper way to proofread my essays :\ ..I'll be spending my vacation in a foreign country with not many native Americans.</p>

<p>Oh my! You mean I could have been making money helping students?!!</p>

<p>^Same! I could've been making money reading my classmates' papers... </p>

<p>I think a much safer way is to maybe have your english teachers/friends read over your essays before the break. Or even your parents/older siblings during the break. I can't say I would trust my essay which I worked really hard on to some random company on the internet...</p>

<p>You could just e-mail to a friend to read.
I can't really see paying to have a stranger read it.</p>

<p>I offer a proofreading service for a relatively low hourly rate. See my website Home</a> Page.</p>

<p>Why pay for manual proofreading services when you can get a proofreader</a> software to do it for you?! There are so much proofreading software in the market and it makes me wonder how does the traditional proofreading business survives.</p>