Pros and Cons of SAT 3rd attempt

Asking this for a friend, senior who got SAT score of 1560 as overall better score so far from the 2 attempts.
If he wants to attempt for another trial in August, what are the cons of a 3rd attempt?
Will colleges see all 3 attempts scores?
If he scores bad on 3rd attempt lets say, can he still choose to report only the best score, if so how?
Lastly, any good strategies or sources to prepare for the reading improvement from 770 to any better score with a short amount of prep time? Given he is a senior and wants to try his best, am not sure of which site or source like khan academy to guide him for the ace towards another better score.
Is it true that a 4th attempt is considered final attempt no matter what the score is?

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Asking for a friend posts aren’t allowed. Your friend can make their own account and ask. I’ll close this post.

FYI, it’s 100% unnecessary for this person to take another test.