Pros and Cons of Tulane

<p>What are some cool things about the school. I am trying to narrow my list of colleges down and I want to know some cool things about Tulane.

<p>Of course what some find cool others don’t and vice versa. For some you could just say New Orleans and that would be enough, but there is a lot more of course. Although New Orleans is a huge part of what makes it cool to go to school there.</p>

<p>Start with this <a href=“[/url]”></a> and if you are curious about more specific things, feel free to ask!</p>

<p>Well for one it is arguably in the world’s coolest city. It’s a beautiful campus, too. Students are academically inclined but not cutthroat. Tulane is what you make of it. If you want to put in a modest effort, party and have a good time, and have a respectable degree that will get you a job, it will do that for you. If you want, rather, an academically rigorous experience in preparation for top law schools, or PhD programs, or whatever, it will do that for you, too.</p>

<p>One important note is that Tulane and New Orleans at large have a very close relationship . . . there’s really no question here but that Tulanians are real New Orleanians . . . so getting to know the city and the community is a big part of life here, which has been stressed more and more in recent years, which I think is a good thing.</p>

<p>So true, asdfExpert. I have said on here a few times, but it has been awhile, that I don’t think any university is as inextricably linked to its location as Tulane is to New Orleans. Obviously I am not counting college towns where the university IS the town, but when you look at major universities in sizable locations, the Tulane-New Orleans relationship is pretty unique. And when I see what the students are contributing to the city and the public schools, such as starting dance teams (amazing job by Vitrac D!), coaching debate teams, assisting start-up businesses, building homes and parks and protective structures, and on and on, it is fantastic.</p>