Pros and Cons on renting the MicroFridge

<p>Would love to get current students feedback about the pros and cons of renting the MicroFridge. My son and his room mate are splitting the cost, but I am not sure it is needed. Seems like you can buy a smaller fridge much cheaper and use the microwave in the kitchen.</p>

<p>Anyone have experience with renting these things or know anyone who has?</p>

<p>i did the same thing my freshman year. it worked out really well and was very convenient. no one really uses dorm lounge microwaves, and almost everyone rents the microfridge. </p>

<p>i would recommend buying your son his own mini-fridge for his sophomore year if he joins a fraternity though. my parents did this for me, and it's great because everyone uses the microwave in the frat/sorority kitchen, and while the kitchen contains at least one large fridge, it's nice to have a private fridge where lots of people will not have access to your food.</p>

<p>Pros: You not not have to haul it home after the school year. The unit has a cut off to the refrigerator when you run the microwave (avoids overload on the circuit)</p>

<p>Con: Relatively expensive. For the cost of renting for 1 year, you can buy a small fridge and microwave. </p>

<p>BJ's currently has one with separate Freezer/refirgerator for ~$150. Similar type cost ~$200 at Lowes. You maybe able to buy a cutoff switch for ~$50 (check campus store).<br>
We got a ~3.0 cuft refrigreator and microwave 3 years ago for less $100 on sale with rebate and did not ask my son's roomate to split cost. I suggest getting one with a larger freezer like the one I mention above for the additioanl cost. He also did without the cutoff switch by plugging the refrigerator in a power strip and turning off the refrigerator when running the microwave. (If the school has fire safety inspection, leave the microwave unplugged or you will have to buy the cutoff switch depending on the school policy)</p>

<p>^^some schools do not allow you to bring your own (electrical stuff issues)...they need to know that the microfridge they provide won't overload circuits etc...</p>

<p>better check with Lehigh before you go out and buy anything....</p>

<p>lehigh does not allow personal microwaves in any dorms/sororities/fraternities unless it's the microfridge.</p>

<p>lehigh's fridge policy can be found here:
Lehigh</a> University: Student Life: Housing: Residence Hall FAQs</p>

<p>OMG..I just had to laugh. Apparently they updated this since my son graduated.</p>

<p>What items are not permitted due to fire safety regulations?
Halogen lamps, candles of any kind (including decorative), incense, automatic drip coffee makers, percolators, all cooking appliances such as hot plates, microwave ovens, toasters, toaster ovens, heating or immersion coils, electric fry pans, broilers, grills/griddles, portable heating units of any kind, electric blankets, sun lamps, and hookahs.</p>

<p>They had to add "hookahs" .... :) Guess you have to spell out everything for everyone!</p>