Pros and Minuses of Dartmouth

Hey guys, I have read up on some of the positives and negatives of Dartmouth. For instance the D Plan, Ski Resort, and some possible negatives but I have a few questions I hope that can be answered via the forum.

Firstly, Although I know there are prejudice people everywhere, I want to know the overall jist of how minorities are treated (Don’t particularly, care as I live in an upper middle class suburb, so I know how to deal with those type of people) Also, I don’t mean to start any controversy with this question.

Secondly, at my local top tier school (University of Richmond) there is an offer where each U o R student is guaranteed 4,000 to pay for any study abroad / internships.

Additionally, what are the winters like, everyone has told me winter in Hanover will be brutal, but how brutal?

Thanks in advance, feel free to tell me more about the D Plan, and other opportunities like this.

Dartmouth is a very diverse school. Prejudice is not a thing here. Minorities are in the same classes, same greek houses, same clubs, same sports, etc as everyone else

Pretty sure Dartmouth financial aid for study abroad is dependent on your income. There are numerous programs on campus that will pay you to complete an internship if the internship is unpaid.

The winters are cold, but you are off the whole month of December so you only have to endure January, February, and a little bit of March. The D Plan is great. You only take 3 classes at once and you can take a trimester off during the school year to complete an internship, which is a major advantage since other college students won’t be applying for internships in, for example, the winter

The winters are cold (and there was snow very late this year), but my California daughter managed to survive. B-)

Dartmouth sounds Amazing!

Dartmouth is amazing but im worried about parties and frats

Dartmouth is amazing. As for the parties and frats, there are fats at other Ivies as well. Some disguise them as “eating clubs” or “social clubs” and I can say the frats at Dartmouth are welcoming of everybody - you do not have to join. Remember, many of these students are in the top 1% of their high school classes and I can assure you that they are not going to squander their futures away by being drunk all the time. There are many students who don’t drink or party. The ski mountain and the Dartmouth outdoor club are quite popular.

My kid doesn’t drink but still has fun at parties and at frats. What are you worried about?