Pros/Cons of RIT CS?

What do you like about Rochester and its CS program?
Do they treat the CS program with respect?
What are your least favorite parts of being a CS student at Rochester?
Are there long waistlists for classes?

Thanks for your input

I can reply as a parent of an RIT CS student who is now in the thick of his 2nd year. My opinion is that they treat the CS program with a lot of respect. He went to the career fair this year for the first time as he needs to secure a co-op for the summer and there were tons of big name organizations there willing to meet with RIT students. He really likes his CS teachers - all have been very responsive and helpful - and he likes the projects that have been assigned. My son’s least favorite part has been the math classes (huge leap from high school), which there are many, and he has not been having the easiest time with CS Theory class this semester. He’s registered for classes twice and has not been waitlisted for anything CS related, but he has been waitlisted for general electives that he wanted. It all worked out in the end.