Pros/Cons of WestPoint

<p>Hi, i've been looking into WestPoint as a possible college destination. I have just been wondering what you guys think the pros and cons of 4 years at Westpoint are.</p>

<p>The con is that it is quite tough to get through the 4 years, the pro is to seek the leadership training in those 4 hard years.</p>

<p>West Point only makes sense if your starting point is a desire to serve and to enter the "profession of arms" resulting in your commission as a military officer. If that is not your core the school will not make much sense at all. If that is your core it is one of the finest avenues avaialbel to attain that goal.</p>

<p>There is really little else relevant and stressing things like quality of education (which is undeniable) or a future resume for non-military careers will not sustain you through the challenge - if that is your reason for going to West Point.</p>

<p>No joke: "Duty, Honor, Country"</p>

<p>Please allow me to add my two cents here as a USMA wife, USNA sister, and potential USMA mom: Go to an academy if you want to be an Officer. Don't go for a great education, a "free" education, or leadership experience. You will get those incredible benefits, but you will also be committing to years of service post graduation, most likely with combat deployment(s) depending on branch. Echoing GMRobertson: Duty, Honor, Country.</p>