Pros of WSU?

Hi! I am an OOS California Applicant wanting to apply to WSU, however, I know my mom won’t support my choice to even apply to an out of state school. Whenever I mention a school that is farther than an hour away she goes into shutdown mode. I want to tell her that since I am eligible for the WUE award of 11,000 a year, that brings the tuition down to 28k, cheaper than some of the UC schools I am applying to. Can anyone please help me come up with legitimate reasons to convince my mom for me to apply to WSU, it is one of the few schools that has a joint B.S/M.S in Athletic Training.

@Gumbymom do you know who is in charge of WSU forum chats on College Confidential, it looks like not a lot of activity for this school on the site.

@SDSUHopefulClassof2025: Not all forums have Forum Champions. All the forums are monitored by the SuperModerators but usually they are looking at TOS violations and making sure discussions are posted in the right forums. I cannot refer you anyone poster whom could answer your questions but you might want to look at the UW forum and see if they are any frequent posters that have some knowledge of the other Washington schools.

As a parent, I can understand your Mom’s reluctance about going far away to college especially with Covid. Even without Covid, as a Mom I had a hard time letting go with my 2 sons. One went to UC Davis which was 6 hours away by car and other 2 hours way in San Diego but it seemed much farther even though they were in-state.

Unfortunately if you need your Mom’s cooperation in filling the financial aid forms to pay for college, you need to find a compromise. Perhaps you can let her have a Mom’s pick for your college list and see if she will allow you to have a student pick also. I did this with my son’s where I really wanted them to apply to one particular school and they were not happy with my choice but gave in.

When going OOS, you also have to consider transportation costs in your college budget. Is there an airport nearby to make access easy for her to visit and for you to come home? What about transportation from the airport to the school? Are you allowed to cars on campus as a Freshman? Will you even have a Freshman year on campus?

Everything about college will different for a while due to Covid so you need to sit down with Mom and find out what she wants vs. what you want and see if you can come to some mutual agreement.