Pros vs Cons?

<p>What is K-State like?? Any pros and cons?</p>

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<p>Have you gone to students review? They usually have reviews for most colleges. I applied thursday and am already tired of waiting for a response. But from what I've read they have a good Agriculture program and the only thing that most people complain about is there not being anything to do but I disregard that because they obviously aren't looking. Have you heard of their MAPS program? Its a free program that you apply to that helps you get integrated with college life. I'm applying. It's completely free other that the transportation to the school, and you get a $600 stipend and up to 6 college credits. It's only for freshmen though.</p>

<p>KSU is a great school, and Manhattan is a great place to live. Nice sized town - lots of shopping, etc. Aggieville is the perfect college place to party - as you can walk there, and walk home - which saves a lot of lives. The campus is nice. Engineering, Ag and Vet is what they are most known for - but they have lots of great programs. A lot of the dorms are new, or refurbished. They have good D-1 sports programs - which are big events on campus and a lot of fun. There is an active Greek life - but you don't have to be a part of it to have fun.</p>