Prospective Adult Student To Finish Undergrad

Hello All,

I am hoping to get some feedback on a couple of options I am considering as I explore the possibility of returning to school to finish my degree.

A brief background: I was enrolled in a 4-year university as an engineering student from 1995-2000. I completed 3 years and then was forced to drop out. I truly have no interest, at this point, of pursuing an engineering degree. However, given the volume of classes I took in computer programming and, more importantly, math and physics (as well as a handful of electives), I would think it would be best to try to transfer as much as I can to a degree/program that is closely aligned. I have quite a few business classes on my resume as well.

My first option is to return to a 4-year school and see what transfers, and find a major that allows me to make use of most of my credits.

My second option is to go to a community college and probably forfeit a bunch of credits, transfer what few will transfer, and get an associate’s degree in a marketable field (accounting, payroll/AR/AP, business admin, etc…).

I admit to wanting to take the FASTEST path possible. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for almost 15 years. I am anxious to get back to work, but without a degree, and having been out of the workforce as long as I’ve been, it’s been a struggle to find a decent job.

I am curious if anyone here has ever had to make a similar choice? Or if not, if you would simply be willing to share your opinions with me. The more feedback, the better.

I am 41, and haven’t been in a classroom since 2000.

Thank you in advance for your replies! :slight_smile:

Please disregard… this somehow got posted in the wrong location. Thank you.

@UNCMetsGal Check out Thomas Edison State College in NJ. You can transfer as many credits as you have.

Get the bachelor’s degree. Having one will likely pay off eventually.

Since you want the easiest quickest path, will your previous school accept transfer classes to allow you to complete your degree in engineering? Even if you don’t want to be an engineer, that is a valuable degree to have. What area of engineering? You may be able to find online classes (University of Illinois, North Carolina State, University of North Dakota) that you could transfer to your original school to complete the degree. Alternatively, take a look at the University of North Dakota’s online undergraduate program in engineering. Maybe your previous classes would transfer there and you could complete the degree.