Prospective Dental Student

I am beginning my undergraduate program this year with the hopes of becoming a Dentist in the future. I have a few questions regarding some credits I acquired in high school. During my sophomore year I completed many post secondary classes. One of these classes was an english class that happens to be equivalent to one of the prerequisite courses I need to get into OSU’s dental school. I used transferology to find this out. This post secondary class was taken online. Do you recommend that I rely on this english class to fulfill the English 1110.01 requirement, or should I retake it at the 4-year university I am at now? By the time I finish my undergraduate program this course will have been completed around 7 years ago. I don’t want to jeopardize my chances of getting into dental school over a freshman english class. Thanks.


I would really check with a pre-heath advisor if I was you.