Prospective engineering student reporting a score of 3 on AP Physics 1 exam?

I scored a 3 on the exam and plan to major in either EE or ME. Should I report my result on applications, or omit it?

A score of 3 is not too good, but the scores on this exam nationally were pretty bad… about 62% got a 1 or 2.This is leaving me with ambivalent feelings. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to at least let schools know I wasn’t in that 62%?

For context, I am applying to several highly competitive programs such as Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Georgia Tech, and University Michigan.

I know that scores came out a while ago, but now that I’m filling out applications, I would like to know.

Thank you in advance.

University of Michigan*

Personally, I think all scores of 3+ should be reported. Colleges will know that the scores for the Physics 1 exam were challenging in its first administration (63%, not 62% failed :slight_smile: ) , so the fact that you passed is an accomplishment.