Prospective Student's Day

<p>Here's a report for those who didn't get to go. We had never been to Chicago (from CA), so we spent the day before checking out the City. I thought the el and the bus system were fantastic. We went all around to the touristy places like River North, Magnificent Mile, East Loop and funky places like Wicker Park, dinner in a Gold Cost steakhouse. We made a mistake in not going to the Hyde park area, though. Because the next day was so packed, we didn't get to check out the neighborhood just north and east of the school, where all the cafes, restos and shops are that serve the Univeristy community. And we didn't get to relax and soak up the atmosphere or have coffee in one of the 12 coffee houses on campus. This is a huge regret.</p>

<p>We went to school by the el, which was a mistake. I should have made an effort to find the express bus that leaves from the loop. I took the Red line instead of the Green line, so we ended up 20 blocks East. We felt very out of place lugging our suitcases around this run down area and many people didn't know where the school was, but some people did help us get on the bus the right direction and transfer. I later found out that a stop called Garfield on the green line is equivalent to 55th street, and the closest el.</p>

<p>We thought the campus was fantastic. It's about 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 miles. Very beautiful with gothic spires and ivy covered buildings. There are a few new buildings, including the beautiful new athletic center and an orange painted dorm (we heard complaints about the color.) The tour was good and we had an excellent guide. But dorms were not included so we didn't get a chance to see a room. At lunch we did use the restroom in a House in the dorm. The common room was bare bones, and bathroom had 2 toilets and two showers in the ladies room, just OK. Same or slightly less nice that dd's HS. The dorms are split into 37 "Houses" that have their own common area, RH, RA and governance. Burton-Judson, for example has 7 houses. At lunch we found out that each of the Houses has their own table in the dining rooms. We sat at a table for kids from Shorland, but I didn't catch which of the 10 houses it was. They said it's the best dorm, but it's off campus.</p>

<p>There are 3 bus that circle the campus and stop at all dorms, but we didn't see any of them. They are free to students. I saw a schedule outside the library for shuttle service that begins after the busses stop and go to all dorms, running every 1/2 hour until 11 or 12. After that there's a late night van service you can call. We noted the library has an all night section.</p>

<p>I'll cover the talks we attended in a second post.</p>

<p>Thanks for telling us about your visit to Chicago. My daughter is very interested in applying. We will be visiting in the next month. I am interested in hearing about the talks you attended. Was your daughter able to sit in on classes?</p>

<p>Since there was so little interest here, I didn't post right away, so my impressions may be stale.</p>

<p>a) We loved the talk about the UCHI core, and dd loves it because she is interested in doing everything</p>

<p>b) We were impressed by how available research is to the undergrads; and how respected undergrads are</p>

<p>c) small class size; most are 18, some are 23, once in a while there is CHEM101 with 100 but them you have small labs</p>